Policies Page

Gem Stones
Our diamonds are GHSI 1 or better. We use only genuine stones of fine quality. Our opal is lab created.

Our enamel is the best resin enamel on the market. Each piece is hand painted and may vary slightly from shown image. We have had no issues with the luster, color or finish. Our clients have found this enamel to be of an enduring quality. The white enamel will turn a creamy shade if left in hot showcase lights for extended periods. Harsh chemicals (such as acetones) may have some effect.

Size and Color
The size of each piece on this site is indicated in the description. Sizes and colors are not actual, as they will appear different from computer to computer. We cannot control the size of the graphics displayed on your computer screen or the final product of your printer. This should help to determine relative size: 25mm is approximately one inch.

Return Policy
All gold stock is returnable within one year of invoiced date. Credit will be applied to your account in the amount of the current "gold price" or the invoiced amount, whichever is less.

Silver stock can be exchanged for other silver items.

Special Orders
All Special Orders (SO) are non-returnable/exchangeable. A Special Order is any modification to a stock item.

Sterling Silver & Sterlium Plus® Policy
All Sterling Silver and Bright White Silver is a minimum of 12 items initial buy in. Each order afterwards is a 6 piece minimum. Only clients with over $7,500 in annual sales will be considered for silver special orders.

Please bear in mind, when you order silver from RdM you are getting the same hand-finished, made in USA, quality piece of jewelry you get from our gold line. The time and effort is equal. This is why we must implement these minimum purchase policies.

Clients with less than $15,000 in annual sales will not be guaranteed the 10 mile radius exclusivity.

Opening an Account
There is no minimum first order but you must open an account requiring a credit check before we can ship. To open an account, please call or e-mail with your JBT #. If you do not have a JBT # , we will require 4 active trade references. Please call or e-mail with a fax number for the form.

Please place your orders via Fax 305-577-4575 or by e-mail sales@reyesdelmar.com. In most cases, we ship your order within (5 to 7) working days upon receipt of your order. Please specify ring size otherwise stock size is 6 1/2- 7 for ladies’ and size 10 1/2 for men's.

We ship UPS via an insured jewelry specific handler:
$17 to a business
$20 to a residence
$25 overnight or Saturday delivery
Plus $4 per 1,000 insurance

Pricing is available via password entry website. All registered clients are given access. The pricing is set by London Gold Standard in $25 brackets. The prices on the website change accordingly throughout the week so please be aware of the price bracket posted when viewing item details.

The MSRP Advertised Agreement (the minimum advertised price on all print and internet listings of Reyes del Mar jewelry) for 2010 is price bracket 925-950. For 2011 is 1150-1175. Please identify RdM with the oval RdM logo. Registered clients in good standing are welcome to use the images on our website or link to our site.

Reyes del Mar Jewelers Inc Limited Lifetime Warranty
We guaranty our jewelry to be free from any manufacture's defects. If, for any reason, you are not totally satisfied with your jewelry purchase, please contact us, and we will give you an exchange.

Legal Information
Prices in this catalog are subject to change without notice. The on-line price will be for the item stated as is and will not reflect any custom changes. Price adjustments for custom changes to catalog pieces will be negotiated before the order is shipped. For example a custom change is an addition of links to a bracelet or a slide bail instead of the shown bail, etc. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-587-0508 for price information on your custom orders. Reyes del Mar Jewelers Inc reserves the right to refuse to do business with any person or business that we deem detrimental to the financial security or to the ethical standards of our business. All designs shown are copyrighted and property of Reyes del Mar Jewelers Inc. Each piece is marked with our registered trademark (RDM). Violations of U.S. Copyright Laws are punishable by fines of up to $50,000 per incident.

All information subject to change